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My Books:

About My Paintings

My painted illustrations are created with vivid acrylic paints and are cheerfully inviting. They have included everything from a parachuting cow to a soaring penguin. My whimsical side definitely has the opportunity to come out and play in this style, and I enjoy bringing a fun perspective to even the most serious subjects.

About My Papercuts

 I create my papercuts with an x-acto knife, and a lot of patience. I cut complex designs from one or more sheets of solid papers and shift them around, to create interesting shadows and matting effects. I then create the painted layer. This part is the most fun, because it usually involves splattering, spritzing and overall mess-making with vivid colors. To create the final look, I layer the cut out papers over the painted paper. The contrast of loose textures against the clean cut-lines create a visual dynamic that I really enjoy.

About My FREE Coloring Pages for Kids

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