Thanksgiving Maze

My kids just came home with notes about their school Thanksgiving feast. My son has to bring in two eggs?!? to help make cornbread. I do not anticipate the eggs surviving the trip from home to school…but pack the eggs, I shall!

Anyway..since Thanksgiving is coming, whether the eggs survive or not, here is a quick Thanksgiving maze for the kids in your life. Just click on the image, and print.



2 Responses to “Thanksgiving Maze”

  • Carien Botha:

    I am a Maths teacher for 11-18 year olds and I know they enjoy the colouring pages where they have to do a small calculation and then colour in according to the answer. A colouring code is given. Do you maybe have some of these? Be blessed!

  • Ann:

    Oh, I love those to Carien! But unfortunately, no I have not made those. It’s a good idea though–perhaps I should.

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