Jewish Book Carnival: July Edition

I am so pleased to be hosting this months Jewish Book Carnival!

Hope you enjoy this months links:

  • At Life is Like a Library, Kathe dresses up as…well just check out the pictures!
  • On Jewish Muse, Linda K. Wertheimer contemplates the essence of spirituality.
  • Erika Dreifus presents a round up of books that contend with the historical case of  “The Dreyfus Affair”.
  • At Homeshuling, Amy Meltzer wrestles with Princesses, Shabbat and otherwise.
  • At Under My Hat, Rebecca Kempner talks about a new project that gives away free Hebrew  language books (I am always a fan of FREE!-who isn’t?)
  • On Interfaith Family, David Levy reviewed “Reflections of a Loving Partner: Caregiving at the End of Life” by C. Andrew Martin.
  • On the Jewish Book Council blog, author Evan Fallenberg discussed the truth and what that is, really?
  • Author/ Illustrator Nancy Cote blogs about Ariella Books, Germany’s first Jewish Children’s book publisher since WW II.
  • On Leoraw, a review of Lilliam Nattel’s novel, The River Midnight.
  • The Whole Megillah‘s Barbara Krasner interviews David A. Adler, author of more than 200 books.
  • Erika Dreifus presents a round up of books that contend with the historical case of  “The Dreyfus Affair”.
  • Barbara Beitz interviews, um… me! About my new book, “Noah’s Swim-A-thon”. Thanks, Barbara!
  • The Book of Life posts an audio podcast of, uhm…me again. (Heidi insisted I post this. Really.) Thanks, Heidi for making me sound good!
  • Dori Weinstein discusses the x. y. z formula that affects both good TV, and  Rabbi Kushner’s ethical insights.
  • JPS Blogs about books that explore the ‘Circumcision Decision’.
  • Book Frontiers reviews “Hereville”, a wonerful graphic novel about an Orthodox Jewish girl who also fights trolls. ( I loved it!)
  • The Boston Bibliophile reviews ” The Last Brother” by Nathacha Appanah
  • Let’s jump is Ellen Bari’s message in her all-about-the pogo stick post.
  • Author Erica Perl shares how fun it is to share her new book.
  • Goodreads shares with us the story of  a very amazing dog.
  • Rayna Eliana reviews”Who Shall Live: The Wilhelm Bachner Story”.
  • It’s an amazing diversity of topics this month: princesses, trolls, authors, reviews…lots to read!
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