Shabbat Coloring Page

There are no holidays this month. And it’s not snowing. But there is always Shabbos!Click than the picture above, and print.

And if you have a second, tell me in the comments below who you plan to share the page with.


11 Responses to “Shabbat Coloring Page”

  • Jessica @peekababy:

    This would make a great placemat for my kids! So cool 🙂

  • ann:

    thanks,J essica!

  • Renee:

    Great way to start out winter break. making placemats for shabbos! Or a challah cover!Thanks ann!

  • graziella Uruguay:

    me encantó lo voy a usar con mis alumnos

  • Deanna:

    Using as a pattern for embroidery. Making a flour sack embroidered towel for Challah. I will put the border on the edges of the towel and the Challah and candles for one of the corners. Thank you!

  • Ann:

    Hi, Deanna! So pleased you like it.

    Do me a favor: e-mail me some pictures of your embroiderey project! I’d love to see it, and post them.
    Shanah Tova!

  • Janine:

    I am using this coloring sheet for our congregation’s Young Family Shabbat to make placemats! Thank you for a beautiful template!

  • Janine:

    I will be using this for our Young Family Shabbat to make Shabbat placemats. Thank you for a beautiful template!

  • Andrea:

    I will be using this at shul for a Shabbat School activity with kids.

  • Rachel:

    My daughter is in the hospital and we can’t light candles, so, pre-Shabbat coloring!

  • Cindy:

    Trying to print a clean copy of your Shabbat placemat. Would like to use at our preschool. Need to print at least an 8×10 or larger. When I print your version, I get 2 pages that actually don’t connect with all the borders.
    Thanks for your help

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