Jewish Book Carnival

Welcome to the Jewish Book Carnival, a collection of links from great Jewish Book blogs.

As always, there are some great links to surf to this month. Here they are:


-Boston Bibliophile reviews of Susan Sherman’s book THE LITTLE RUSSIAN


-Needle in the bookstack   interviews Dr. Jonathan Krasner about his book The Benderly Boys & American Jewish Education,  winner of the National Jewish Book Award for American Jewish Studies.


-Just in time for baseball season, Jewish Boston hosts  a short interview by Molly Parr with author Josh Berkowitz, who has written a memoir called Third Base for Life about his experience coaching a Jewish Day School baseball team.


-Jewish Boston also has a second is a review of children’s books that parents can use to teach Jewish values around Death and Bereavement, by Kathy Bloomfield here.


-Barbara Bietz writes about the  Berlin Boxing Club for her stop on the Sydney Taylor Blog book blog tour.


-On My Machberet, Erika Dreifus writes about Ayad Akhtar’s American Dervish and wonders how to respond to one question in the “Reader’s Guide” section of Akhtar’s website: “What do you think of the relationship between Islam and Judaism in the novel?”


-The Jewish Muse  tells us how Jewish Kids’ Books Can Give Reality Check: Our World Is Diverse


-The Whole Megillah hosts an an interview with The Berlin Boxing Club author Robert Sharenow and his HarperCollins editor Kristin Daly Rens and a  review of the debut novel, Blue Thread, of Ruth Tenzer Feldman


-And from the Jewish Book Council, we have a a wonderful selection of books for women’s history month and a collection of works on journeys.

and last but not least,

-Check out my link here, where I explain my search for a blog buddy (any takers here?)


-and you might also enjoy my review of Amy Meltzer’s The Shabbat Princess here.


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