Toy Review: Passover Box of Questions

Starting with the famous the Mah Nishtana, Passover is a holiday of questions. It is very fitting, then, that Melissa & Doug have created this lovely “Passover Box of Questions: Cards to Create Great Conversations.”















(See the Passover Box of Questions here)


What’s great about it:

-Most of the questions: They’re fun, they’re interesting, they’re open ended, and are sure to spark discussion. Some of my favorites were: “If you could invite any historical or current person to your seder, who would it be?” or “Afikoman means ‘dessert’: What are some of your favorite Passover desserts?” These are great way to engage guests of all ages during the seder, and throughout the holiday.


-The quality: The cards are made from heavy stock, and feel substantial. The box and cover are also not flimsy at all. Unless your 3 year old deliberately destroys them, this toy can make it through many years and  many sedarim.


-The design: I love that each individual card looks like it’s own mini-matzah.

What’s not-so-great:


-Some of the questions: This product  seems to specifically target to a non-shomer shabbat crowd. Which isn’t necessarily a minus, but a religious family might want to sort out some of the questions that don’t make sense for them. (Like the one that asks, “Do you refrain from eating bread during the entire week of Passover?” In a religious home, that’s kind of a no-brainer, and won’t lead to much of a dialogue.)


-The font: Why-oh-why did they write the questions in script? It looks pretty, but now any kid from K-3rd who can read, but hasn’t learned script yet can’t paricipate without assistance.



Overall Rating: 4 out of 5.

Tell me what YOU love:

Do you have a Passover toy or project that your kids just Lu-uu-v?  I will be writing a roundup of great Passover toys and links soon, and I would love to include your favorites. Just post a comment about it here and I will add it to my upcoming list!


PS Thanks to Barbara Krasner at The Whole Megillah for letting me use her brilliant review format!


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