Toy Review: Passover Boardgame

Chametz – The Search is On!
Do you like Clue? Then you’ll enjoy this fun Passover boardgame: “Chametz: The Search is On!”

The premise: One evening, a variety of snacks are served to a group of guests in the home of Colonel Moti. One of his guests inadvertently leaves an item of chametz somewhere in the house—and the mystery must be solved! Who left what—and where?

What’s Great:


-The concept: As I unpacked the pieces, I laughed out loud at the cleverness. Professor Plum has become Professor Slivovitz, and Colonel Mustard is now Colonel Motti. Too funny.

-The Kosher-ness: So considerate of Sabbath observant players! All the packaging is resealable, so there is no initial ripping, and there are tokens that replace the pad and pencil that Clue used. (no muktzah at all).

The Illustrations: Each of the characters and food illustrations are charming, and have a fun contemporary look to them.

-The Questions: Kids will have opportunities to show off their Yeshiva education by answering the Passover trivia as they roam around the board.

-The Game Play: It’s fun! ‘nuff said.

What’s Not-So-Great


-I know this is petty…and maybe ‘Clue’ was like this too…but there is no ‘start’ space on the board, and my kids and I were slightly confused as to where to begin. In the end, we all chose a space randomly and started play.

-The Questions: Yes I put them in the ‘great’ section, because they are. But I think they belong here too, because some of those questions were really obscure (as trivia is wont to be). For example, here’s one that I didn’t know the answer to: What is the literal meaning of Chametz? Answer: Sour or fermented. Younger kids or those not in Yeshiva might find them a little too challenging.

Rating: 5 of 5.
My first perfect toy rating! If it’s appropriate for your families knowledge base, this is a great Jewish game.

2 Responses to “Toy Review: Passover Boardgame”

  • What a wonderful review and a wonderful website! I’m so glad you like my game “Chametz: The Search is On!” You are correct that there is no “Start space” like a traditional board game because it’s my home. You can begin searching wherever you wish (just choose the room before you first look at your cards or you’ll get an unfair advantage, since the “where” of your guess must correspond to the room you’re standing in).

    And regarding the questions, you are right again. These are not softballs. They come directly from Rabbi Greenberg’s shiur (lesson) the night I invited everyone over… But I’ll make you a deal. Any family who would like easier questions can email me at and I will send them a “beginner’s set” for free!

    Here’s hoping all your readers have a kosher and happy and FUN Pesach. Shalom!
    –“Colonel Moti”
    Endocrinologist/Game Designer

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