GIVEAWAY: Israel Independence Day

Yom Ha’atzmaut is coming up! If you’re looking for a fun and sweet way to introduce younger kids to Israel, check out this book and accompanying  CD, “My Cousin Tamar Lives in Israel”. I will be giving one book away to celebrate!

The book is really great, because it introduces the kids to normal, (not headline driven) life in Israel. I’ve used both of them as baby and birthday gifts alot, either together as a set or by themselves. (And, of yeah, I lllustrated them both!)

To enter the GIVEAWAY, just leave any comment about Israel on this post. (This book is non-political so NO POLITICS, please!)

I will pick the winner on this coming Tuesday, so enter soon!

40 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: Israel Independence Day”

  • Sheila Nashofer:

    Israel is the most holy and beautiful place in the entire world. We are very fortunate to have Israel as it brings our Torah to life and we have the honor of walking in the same places that our forefathers walked thousands of years ago. We can go to the Kotel and feel the stones that represented the outer gates of our Holy Temple. We can visit the graves of the Holy Righteous men and women who are role models for us to this day. We should thank G-d everyday for giving Israel to the Jewish People and do our best to visit and support the land to the best of our ability.

  • robert steinherz:

    35 derby ave cedarhurst, ny 11516

  • robert steinherz:

    I have been t Israel twice and it is an amazing place. You feel more spiritual when you are there, especially when you are at the Kotel. I hope to take my children there in the near future so they can share in the experience.

  • Gale Teitelbaum:

    Every child should be lucky enough to visit Israel and see with his/her own eyes how children live in Israel. This would also be a wonderful way to imrpove one’s skills with the Hebrew language

  • Fradelle Milrad:

    Looking forward to visiting Israel in the near future.
    Let’s all show our support for Israel by visiting and buying Israeli products.
    Fradelle Milrad

  • Jennifer S:

    Beautiful, holy country. Can’t wait to take my kids there someday.

  • A child’s first teacher is a parent, and that comes from word and deed. The “word” often comes via books, and the “deed” via reading to a child. How wonderful to read about this fictitious cousin, Tamar, first… and then to dream about, plan, and then visit Israel as a family, where one can experience for oneself many, many ONLY IN ISRAEL moments and be connected.

  • yehuda:

    Israel is a gift for our nation. It’s land and history is something we must all learn about in order to a better appreciate what we have in our lifetime. It’s important to pass this on to our children as well.
    Making alyiah this summer with our family and can’t wait!!

  • Rachel G.:

    Israel is truly a beautiful country. I learned so much from living there for a year during Seminary. I cannot wait to share this beautiful country and its history with my children someday, IY’H (when they are bigger!). And I think that a book that depicts real life in Israel is important for us (who don’t live in the Holy Land) to share with our children.

  • Rachel P.:

    My husband and I met in Israel so it would be a pleasure to have this book to read to our daughter so we can share our love for the country with her.

  • Rivkah:

    We have family in Israel that we Skype with on a weekly basis, and it would be great for the kids to see, in an age-appropriate format, how our lives differ. Until we can bring everyone over for a proper visit.

  • carol weinstein karlin:

    Two years ago, my daughter went to Israel for the first time, as an 8th grader, since she was 20 months old. It was in the month of Iyar, and she celebrated Yom Ha’Atzmaut there, in the land, Midinat Yisrael.

    She went to Israel ambivalent about the county, and ambivalent about her place in Chal Yisrael. She came back, willing to find a place for herself.

    I teach preschool, and I want to give the children who pass my way a love of Israel.

  • R.Duretz:

    I am a preschool teacher and a Sunday school teacher who has never experienced Israel in person. I hope to one day go, but I love to teach about anything related to Judaism. I especially like to enlighten the youngest ones, so they will grow up with an interest!

  • R.Duretz:

    I am a preschool teacher and a Sunday school teacher who has never experienced Israel. I hope to one day go, but I love to teach about anything related to Judaism. I especially like to enlighten the youngest ones, so they will grow up with an interest!

  • Dan:

    Cant wait to visit Israel again!
    I’d recommend everyone (especially kids) to ‘live’ there for a short while (even for just a month) – not just as a visitor, to really appreciate what Israel really means.

  • Roberta:

    The sky is a special shade of blue over the Kotel; I have never seen anything like it anyplace else in the world.

  • Sara:

    I would really love to visit there someday. It would be great to go with my children when they are older and have that connection together.

  • sara:

    B’H we are so privileged to travel freely to E’Y.
    Ah…to breath the air, marvel as one walks back in time with every step, in every city.
    Who can describe fully the emotions upon seeing our Kotel?
    We went with all our children on our first trip, the special memories will always be treasured. On subsequent trips we made it different by how we toured.
    The last trip we rented a car and villa; we felt at home!

  • M and L:

    Looking forward to reading this to my girls- they love reading about Israel.

  • Rhonda Weiss:

    Would love to share my love of Israel with my grandchildren!

  • Melissa:

    I have never been to Israel. My son who is 3 keeps asking me when he can go to Israel. This book will help him learn about the holy place before he goes.

  • Elissa Weindling:

    We have enjoyed your other books and your prints. We would love to have book about Israel to read together here and in the religious school where I teach. It is hard to find words to talk about Israel–it is so deep in my soul.

  • Rebecca Ashburn:

    Ann, Kol Hakavod on illustrating the book and on recommending it on your website. Israel needs the positive publicity from each and every one of us!



  • brachad:

    I love Israel! I wish I could visit more often!

  • Susan Zuckerman:

    “The Jews who will it shall achieve their State. We shall live at last as free men on our own soil, and in our own homes peacefully die. The world will be liberated by our freedom, enriched by our wealth, magnified by our greatness. And whatever we attempt there for our own benefit will redound mightily and beneficially to the good of all mankind.”
    — Theodor Herzl

  • Pam Bluth:

    Happy Birthday Israel!

  • Israel~ a land of wonders & miracles!!

  • Anna:

    Both of my sisters lived in Isreal, they feel such a connection to the Holy Land.

  • These comments are really inspiring me!

  • Tziona:

    Haven’t been there in over 10 years. I remember the feeling of a burden I didn’t know I had lifting when I arrived in Yerushalayim. Hoping to make a trip again sometime soon!

  • Its a constant feeling of “spring ” int he air, no matter what season you visit Israel! I love it!

  • rochie sommer:

    I love seeing your work and am excited to see this book about e”y. My niece’s name( who lives in israel) is tamar so my kids would love this. Of course we would all love to be there!

  • allison fixler:

    I have had the pleasure of having Ann speak to my class many times. Each of her books is unique and so appropriate for children. I particularly love this book because children can see the similarities and differences between life in Israel and in US. It really helps instill a love of Israel at even a very young age.

  • Rachel Orenbuch:

    Our children have cousins in Israel. I’m certain they will really relate to this book!

  • shari baran:

    I really like this book and used it in my Pre-K classroom. How do I enter the give-away?

  • Marilyn Guenoun:

    My granddaughter Tamar lives in Israel and would love to send this book to her!!!

  • Ann:

    All you had to do was leave a comment, so you are officially entered!

  • Adina Weinstein:

    What a great way to show children the wonders of the most wonderful, special land and people. Reading about the land and its people and seeing the interestig and special pictures really brings it to life for children. It would be amazing to see their faces glowing when reading and looking at this book.

  • Deena Shapiro:

    I would love to win this book to read to my students. It is especially appealing since my cousin Tamar really does live in Israel!!

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