Top 10 Shavuot Links

Top 10 time! Here are some fun, occasionally educational, and at times funny, links to get you in the mood for the chag.


#1-The 10 Commandments. Nothin’ can touch Mr. Charlton Heston.


#2- Mel Brooks take on the 10 Commandments…or Mel Brooks.


#3-Torah Web    A nice pile of Divrei Torah from the Rabbeim at Yeshiva University.


#4 A Mountain of Blintzes– Fun kids book.


#5 Martha’s cheesecakes  Yum!


#6 National Gallery     Something pretty to look at.


#7 Coloring Page  By moi!


#8 Crafting Paper Tissue Flowers the basic instructions and materials list.


#9 How to stay up all night if you can handle it!


and last but not least:

#10 How to recover  from staying up all night!!


Got any of your own on topic links? Feel free to share them in the comments!


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