Coloring Page- 9 Days

The nine days are here. I always find it ¬†difficult to communicate the meaning behind them to young kids. However, expressing our love for Jerusalem and hope for peace there seems a step in the right direction. Here’s a coloring page that expresses that ideal:





Also: for all you grown-ups out there–thought I would reccommend Erica Brown’s book, In the Narrow Places. I read it last Summer during the 3 weeks/ 9 days and found it very inspriring.

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  • Ruby M. Grossblatt:


    Ann, your picture beautifully expresses love of Jerusalem. I’m so touched how you use your art to express devotion to Hashem, the Jewish people and the world. How can I blow up and print the coloring picture for my grandchildren?

    I plan to look for the book, In the Narrow Places.

    All the best,
    Ruby Grossblatt

  • Ann:

    Thanks, Ruby!!

    On most computers, (or at least on mine…) If you click on the image above, then it should open into a new window, and then you just hit ‘print’. The image is formatted to be about 8×10 so it should print onto regular sized paper.

    Hope they enjoy it!

    PS–Since you like this one, I have added you to my e-mail list so you’ll fget a quick e-mail about once a month when I have a new page up. Of course, if you prefer not to get these, just tell me.

  • Your colouring pages are beautiful! I have shared this with my Jewish homeschooling facebook page.

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  • Jennifer Adair:

    I am making a Hanukkah coloring book and would love to use some of your coloring pages in my book! How can we make this happen?

    Jennifer Adair

  • Ann:

    Hi, Jennifer.

    So please you like my Hanukkah pages–but I see I am responding to you very late! I’m sorry, i didn’t see your comment until now.
    Are you still interested in this?

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