Ya Ya and Yo Yo

I just enjoyed writing that…Ya Ya and Yo Yo. How could a book with character names like that NOT be fun?

Those two characters–a brother and sister, of course–are the protaganists of  “Sliding Into the New Year” by Dori Weinstein.


The story tells of Ya Ya’s (Ellie’s her real name) dilema: She is invited by her best friend to join her at Splash World, the most exciting, best ever water park in the world! But– uh-oh–the invitation coincides with the second day of Rosh Hashnah. Much soul searching ensues when Mom and Dad insist that Rosh Hashonah takes priority. Through her conversations with her family, brother, and Hebrew school Rabbi,   Ya Ya learns how important Rosh Hashonah is…even more important than cool water slides.



Wonderful and entertaining, I loved the relationship between Ya Ya and Yo Yo. We know they love each other, but there is lots of  sibling teasing that keeps it grounded in reality–and funny, too.  The humor of the story also alows it to avoid being too preachy, which it easily could have been.


I am really happy this book exists! There are so  many ‘frumie/ Orthodox’ books, and of course zillions of secular books. But there are very few stories out there that address issues that young, affiliated Jewish kids deal with every year when the Jewish holidays roll around.


Yasher Koach to Dori Weinstein for  filling a niche that has been empty for far too long.



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