Dreidel Spin-Art Hanukkah Cards

I got this craft originally from the best Kindergarden teacher ever, Morah Nenner at HANC. As I recently mentioned to her, I always steal from the best. Just click on the image below, and print. (See below for written directions.)

We recently did it in the HANC Art room, and much fun and mess was had by all:

Dreidel artist in the HANC art room

Directions:1) Draw a dreidel shape, and tape it to a folded piece of contruction paper. 2) Cut out the dreidel, so that you have a double dreidel, folded in the center. 3)Place card in shoebox–this will (hopefully!) contain the mess. Maybe. 4) Dip your dreidel in paint (we used watered down acrylic) and 5) Spin!


Happy Hanukkah!



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