Author Gila Manolson’s comment

I just got a comment on my Jewish Action article from noted author and speaker Gila Manolson, which she graciously agreed to let me post.

It meant alot to me to know that my article might actually have some impact of some folks.
> Message:
> Thank you for a totally right-on article about an issue that’s
> disturbed me for a long time. You helped me articulate my own sense of
> what’s wrong, although I believe it goes much further: the absence of
> pictures (and often even mention) of women is a way of removing
> THEM–and not only images of them–from the public realm altogether.
> At the same time, I have personally always felt reluctant to allow
> pictures of myself on the internet. I’m about to launch my own
> website, and agreed to put up a picture of me only as a bediavad–but
> due to your article, I’ve had a complete change of heart and am now
> viewing it as a lechatchilah. Thank you.
> Gila Manolson

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