Israel Book Roundup

Introduce your kids to Israel with some of these fun reads:


Dinosaur Goes to Israel

by Diane Rauchwerger

Illustrated by Jason Wolff

The Good Stuff:

-Great, vividly colored illustrations by Jason Wolff. The saturated colors eye catching and pleasing.

-It rhymes! And not in an annoying, cutsie way.

-Hits all the highlights of the classic tourist stops

The Not-so-good Stuff:

-It rhymes. Sometimes it feels  a little forced.


Rating: 4 of 5



Zvuvi’s Israel

by Tami Lehman-Wilzig

Illustrated by Ksenia Topaz


The Good stuff:

-Content, content, content. This book covers the main touristy place plus many more that I haven’t even heard of ! It’s a very thorough trip through modern cities, gardens, roller coasters and even an  ice skating rink


The Not-so-Good Stuff:

-Imagining reading this to a young child before bedtime seems slightly torturous to me  becuase of its length. Better tell your kids that  you’ll only read them a page a night, or you’ll be stuck for a while.

-If its for older kids to read to themselves, Zvuvi is cute character that they might find baby’ish.

Rating: 3 of 5


Ella’s Trip to Israel

by Vivian Newman

Illustrated by Akemi Gutierrez

Like the dinosaur, Ella hits all the main Israeli hot spots on her tour of Israel, this time with her stuffed toy monkey on tow.

The Good Stuff

-Reptition of the phrase ‘no problem’-‘Eyn Ba’ayah’ as Kofi the monkey encounters all manner of Israeli messes from Dead sea mud to tahini spills.

-Cute ending

– The sweet, soft illustraions have lovely and cute details.


The Not-so-good Stuff:

-Lack of specificity. Ella looks  at tall buildings–which building? She encounters a  kibbutz– which one? This was a missed opportunity. The illustrations could easily have added these details to give the scenery more content and substance.


Rating: 4 of 5

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