Shofar coloring page

WOW the holidays are early this year. I just barely got this up in time, didn’t I? Just click on the image below and print.


And if you are having trouble getting it that way, here it is as a pdf: shofarman






***PLUS** BONUS: For the VERY FIRST TIME (drumroll)–one of my coloring pages has been featured, and actually added to—in Jcreate magazine. They took my apple and bees coloring page and very cleverly made it into a very pretty painted dish craft. Go check it out over here: JCREATE. (it’s on page 14)

3 Responses to “Shofar coloring page”

  • Sandy Wasserman:

    I love it BUT, I’d love to finally see ‘shofar art’ which includes a female blowing shofar; it’s her mitzvah, too.

  • Ann:

    I hear you Sandy! But while I’m a feminist, I AM still Orthodox too. And halachically a woman can blow a shofar for herself but not for men becuase her requirement is a non-timebound and optional, and a mans is a timebound requirement. Which is a gobbly-gook way of saying I went for a traditionalist image–men still blow shofar too, after all!

    But you are correct–since a woman can blow shofar for herself, there could/ should be an image of a woman of a woman blowing shofar. But I have to say, I have never been in a situation where I have seen a woman blowing shofar for herself alone-have you?

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