At the Tenement Museum in NYC

Went to the NYC Tenement museum today–and saw my mug on sale!

So cool!

And FYI it’s a great museum…

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  • What nachas to see your own art on display!
    I love the Tenement Museum. I had half a day in NYC with my big kids a couple of years ago on the way to a simcha and remembered that my mother – a professional museum person – had strongly recommended it. I was leery but couldn’t think of anything else that wouldn’t take a ton of time… anyway, we were all enthralled. It’s so well done – you get such a strong sense of the place, the time, the people. Not just as a Jewish experience, either, but that’s significant, too. Both kids had read about that period in North American Jewish history, but the museum made it very real for all of us.

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