Blog-Hop + Coloring page= Hanukkah Fun!

4dreidelsHi, guys! This month, my coloring page is part of the Hanukkah Blog-Hop for kids! You can click on the image as always, (or get it as a pdf here: 4dreidels) Then, check out some of the other fun Hanukkah stuff in the links below. Happy Hanukkah!

Hanukkah for Kids | Multicultural Kid Blogs

Welcome to our second annual Hanukkah for Kids blog hop! Be sure to visit all the participating blogs for create ways to share this special time of year with kids. Plus you can find all these and more on our Hanukkah Pinterest board! (And don’t miss last year’s series!)

Participating Blogs

Kelly’s Classroom on Multicultural Kid Blogs
Moms & Crafters
The Squishable Baby
Kid World Citizen
Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes
The Book of Life

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