Almost Perfect Passover Giveaway

Enter to WIN an autographed copy of Kayla and Kugel’s ALMOST Perfect Passover

To enter, just add a comment below about something that makes your Passover Almost Perfect.

Winner will be selected on April 2.


6 Responses to “Almost Perfect Passover Giveaway”

  • Miriam Bindiger:

    Being with family!

  • Rochel Abrams:

    Having three generations to pass down information and traditions.

  • Lara B:

    Having a table almost big enough to invite almost everyone we’d love to join us at our Seder.

  • Louise Adler:

    Our Passover is “Almost Perfect” when we are able to incorporate “almost” all my props, “almost” all the songs I can recall to add fun to our seder, “almost” all the acceptable vegetables for the Karpas though I always forget the potatoes! or eggs or pickles! I almost think of something new each year to add towards making our Passover one to remember.

  • Elisheva Rosenzweig:

    Our Passover is “Almost Perfect” when we make new memories each year!

  • Ann:

    Rochel–you win! Please email me your address so I can send you ur book.

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