Hanukkah GIVEAWAY of Judah Maccabee!

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To enter, leave a comment below that either 1)says the favorite Hanukkah present you ever gave or received or 2) gives a shout-out to your favorite medical professional! 




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  • One of my favorite Hanukkah presents was an acrylic plate my daughter gave us when she was 10 that was of a menorah and different Hanukkah symbols. It was creative and colorful. I hang it up to display every year.

  • The best present I ever got was 60 years ago from my grandfather. He gave me a few coins, telling me to save it for my education. I will never forget that. Simple is best.

  • The best present I got was from my grandfather. He gave me a few coins and told me to save it for my education. I will never forget that. It was 60 years ago. Simple is best.

  • Lara B:

    Thanks for the chance, Ann. The best Chanukah gift I’ve ever given was taking my kids to our local Aquarium with close family friends not too long after it originally opened. They talked about it for weeks. It was a lot of fun.

  • Esther P:

    My favorite medical professional is my husband, the best pediatrician & neonatologist any parent & child could want or need. As my own kids, nieces & nephews & now grandkids were/are growing up, he could always be counted on for a spot-on, level-headed diagnosis & treatment reccommendation. His sensitivity while dealing with patients & parents was & still is always greatly appreciated.

  • Nechama Lewin:

    The best present I have ever received (Chanukah or otherwise) was from Hakodosh Boruch Hu for placing me in a frum family who taught me the value of being a bas Yisroel & member of K’lal Yisroel. My heart is sad for the yidden who never had this opportunity. Thank you, Hashem!

  • Shannon Becker:

    I love giving the traditional gifts-socks, underwear,gelt.

  • We don’t really do Hanukkah presents anymore but when our kids were little the very best one we ever gave them was when we surprised them with a trip to Disney World!

  • R. Duretz:

    We do community helpers in my preschool class, and it would be nice to introduce a helper who is named Judah, like a teacher who substitutes in our preschool. We love learning about community helpers, and a doctor is an important one to a three-year old. We are also learning about Judah Maccabee in our Hanukkah story.

  • Favorite medical professional aryeh Hoenig

  • robert:

    My favorite medical professional is my uncle. He is a pediatric oncologist. He is the co-founder and head doctor of Camp Simcha. What he does for children is unbelievable, and he has been doing it for over 30 years with no end in sight.

  • Deena:

    Best chanuka present was my daughter Navit.
    Born 5th candle and the most beautiful baby girl. Her brother accepted her with open arms and she eventually became a big sister to 3 more siblings and grew up to be an exceptional loving mother.

  • David:

    My favorite medical professional is Dr. Hylton Lightman – pediatrician extraordinaire. Always has time for any problems and able to solve medical issues better than “Dr. House”.

  • Naomi Klein:

    A shout out to Dr Matt Leffel. He is a chiropractor and always has time to add a personal touch to every visit! He takes care of everyone, child to adult, with extreme care and patience.

  • Miriam B.:

    My favorite Chanukah present was spending time with my family at a concert.

  • Shirley Kaplan:

    A long time ago, My fav Chanukah present was a Patty Play Pal doll that was as big as I was and the hottest toy that year!

  • Helen Schulman:

    Best Chanukah present ever: My grandson Joe Rubin born on the last day of Chanukah 2007!

  • Lynn Balshine:

    Favorite Hanukkah Present that I gave was to host at my apartment and spend time (receive) at a Hanukkah Malvah Malka with my immediate and extended family from near and far.
    My second favorite Hanukkah present to give was to send Hannukkah presents to a needy family who doesn’t have the means to buy gifts for their children.
    My favorite medical professional is Dr. Dovid Speiser who is always on time, thorough and treats his patients well.

  • Zippi Dvash:

    My Favorite gift was a set of Nancy Drew novels. I loved that series!

  • Nicole Guttman speech therapist and feeding therapist goes above and beyond for my kids. She is passionate with what she does and really cares. We love you Nicole!

  • Leslie Levant:

    My favorite medical professional is my husband, Dr. Marvin Levant, a retired radiologist, who answers all friends’ medical questions, gives diagnoses for our far-away children over the computer and his favorite treatment is a hug and a kiss, and its all better.


  • Janet Awerbuch:

    Best present ever- my 1st grandchild born on Mother’s Day 2015

  • Lynn Bennett:

    My favorite present was a big canvas tote bag with BUBBY written in purple, my favorite color, from my grandson’s 2nd grade class, for helping them.

  • Wendy shindler:

    Favorite gift gave my son was Egypt Legp that he wanted so badly was able to find it

    Made him
    So happy

  • My favorite medical professional was my Mother’s GP Jenifer Kramer MD.
    She is an “old style” doctor (though she is probably only in her fourties LOL) really knows you and you have her undivided attention. She calls you at home, connects with her fellow doctors for consults and will even go to the house if need be on a Sunday. It was her father’s practice (he was also wonderful) and he handed it down to her when she became a doctor. An amazing woman.

  • My mother’s doctor; Dr Jenifer Kramer is an amazing giving and caring doctor.

  • Shari Baran:

    The best Chanuka present my family received was the year my parents took all of us plus my sisters and their families to Eretz Yisrael for Chanuka. Not only did we get to see candlelighting at the Kotel the first evening we were there, we got to celebrate my cousin’s Bar Mitzva that Shabbos in Beersheva. (Maybe that trip is the reason that all my children have made aliya.)

  • My favorite Hanukkah present that I GAVE was a beautiful doll house to my granddaughter. I furnished it with furniture and small dolls. The look on her face was the best reward! My general physician Dr. William Kutcher is a truly caring and thoughtful individual who spends as much time as is necessary and does not look at the clock. He is also interested in what is going on with the family.

  • Yaffa Shakarov:

    My favorite Hanukkah gift was a new washer and dryer combo from my father! Saved me so much money and time!

  • Melissa Rutta:

    Best chanukah present I ever got was my first born son in 2008.

  • Laure:

    Hi, my favorite doctor is my personal doctor (gynoc), to whom I just went yesterday with three of the four kids she helped bring to this world, as a marvelous shaliach from hashem. I brought her and her two person team a small chanukkah goodie-package, including a picture of all my six children, as a hakaras hatov. No, she´s not jewish, but she´s very professional, positive, smiling and amazingly calm – and thus calming for nervous expecting mothers.
    My youngest ist 6 months old this friday, and I thought now was a good time to bring her and her team some light and some smile too…

    My favorite Chanukkah gift? I dont know anymore. I´m more on the giving end now. I suppose the big smiles on my kids faces when they receive something new, surprising, small or bigger, from new coloring books to games, for every night of chanukkah. That´s a lot of nights to think of! Keeping it simple but happy…

  • Aileen:

    My favorite Hanukkah gift was a large dollhouse that my parents gave me. It had electricity and beautiful wooden furniture.I know that it was a gift that really stretched the budget, but I still have that gift and the memories. My children played with the dollhouse, updating the decor. And when my grandchildren visit, they play with it. Some of the original furniture has even survived.

  • Ann:

    Congratulations, Yaffa! You are our winner!

  • Mark S. Cohen:

    Chag Urim Sameach!

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