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Ari ShabbatAri Shabbat

Ari ShabbatNew book? New coloring page! Just click and print to enjoy this new coloring page, lifted in part from my new picture book, “Shabbat Shalom Hey!”.

Now available for pre-order on amazon.

Ari Shabbat








(And here it is as a pdf: Ari Shabbat)

Ari Shabbat

Shabbat Shalom Hey!

My new book is coming soon! See a video here:


Values/ Torah coloring Page

So this one is a little different. First, you’ll notice there is a little color on my coloring page. Thought that might make it a little more attractive for kids.

Second, since we just finished and restarted  reading the torah, I thought that it might be nice to have an activity that explores what’s in there.

Hope you like!  Let me know what you think of my  including color, and also if you prefer activities to coloring or vice versa. Would love your feedback!torah
(If you are having difficulty printing form the above image, you can get it as a pdf here: torah).

Alef Bet App is live

So cool. I got to animate an app!

“Hebrew Karaoke” features a brand new song from musician Mama Doni, and animation by yours truly. It’s a very catchy tune with a country vibe, and the app lets you add your own instruments, and record your own voice singing along. Great for learning/ practicing the alef bet.  I had lot of fun working with it.

It just went live today– Hope you enjoy!karaoke

Coloring Apples for Rosh Hashonah

I’ve been looking at  zentangles, and thought, hmm those are cool…Result? Patterned coloring page of apples and pomegranates for Rosh Hashonah. Just print a click.




(And if you need it as a pdf, click here: apples)


Jewish Book Carnival

I am very pleased to play host for this months Jewish Book Carnival!  Enjoy your reading.



  • Heidi Estrin at The Book of Life podcast presents an audio interview with Sally Wiener Grotta, author of Jo Joe. It’s the story of a mixed-race Jewish woman with deep prejudices about the Pennsylvania town where she grew up, and to which she has now returned.



  • At the Best Chapter, Diana Bletter blogs about being a moving target in Israel during this war between Hamas and Israel.


  • (I also have an Israel related link, in the form of this coloring page, which I think sums up all our hopes.)


  • Lorri M Writings reviews The Collected Stories of Stefan Zweig, and found the stories to be a combined study on human behavior and Austrian life/mores.


  • Over on My Machberet, Erika Dreifus spotlights a Jewishly-inflected poetry collection by Rachel Mennies. Erika also shares news about The Hope: American Jewish Voices in Support of Israel, an anthology edited by Rabbi Menachem Creditor (Erika is a contributor to the anthology, the proceeds from which are being donated to The Lone Solider Center in memory of Michael Levin).


  • In July, Jill at Rhapsody in Books reviewed Ribbons for Their Hair  by Estelle Chasen.  This is a police procedural set in modern day Israel that goes back and forth in time to 1945 in the pre-Holocaust community of Salonika in Greece.


  •  On Bagels, Books, and Schmooze, Susan Curtis talks about  Rebbe by Joseph Teluskin, and  People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks.




  • Leora Wenger at Sketching Out writes a book review of Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust by Yaffa Eliach.




For Israel. For Tisha B’Av.

Tisha B’Av is this Tuesday. Because of all that’s going on in Israel, it’s going to be even more meaningful than usual for me, I think.

So I thought it was appropriate for this months image to be one that shows support for Israel, and the hope that Jerusalem, and all of Israel, enjoys a  full and lasting peace. Bimhara Yamaynu, amen.

Click and print to share it with your kids or campers.
jerusalemshalom(If you need it as a pdf, click here: jerusalemshalom)

NEW Summer Coloring Page

Hooray, no work today–so I had time to make a coloring page. Fourth of July is about Freedom= the freedom to draw and be creative, and make coloring pages, I guess.

And cook for Shabbat…

Anyway, this one was fun to draw–hope you like! Just print and click. (and if that’s not working for you…here it is as a PDF: summer fish)


Summer Camp Coloring

Here’s a round up of some Summer coloring pages. (Plus…if your kid is learning to swim, you might like to read them all about Noah!)

Hope you enjoy the sun!

Wheeee! --From  "Noah

Wheeee! –From “Noah




Top Ten PR Tips

In my new role at Behrman House Publishers, I recently wrote a list of tips for our authors. Thought some of you fun folks out there might find it useful as well:

Top 10 Tips for Getting Your Book to

Your Readers:

What YOU Can Do to Support

Your Book



#10 Tell your friends: Your friends (your Mom!) are your biggest fans and telling them can help the word get out like nothing else.



#9 The Internet: Do you have a website? A facebook page? If you don’t already have one, consider signing up for a free account.



#8 Speaking and events: Let organizations in your community know you are available to speak. You can tell the story behind your book, where you got your ideas–anything!



#7 Local media: Local and Jewish papers are often looking for new, unique content. Call or email them and introduce yourself. And if they are too busy to write an article…



#6 Offer to write one yourself!



#5  The blogosphere: Offer bloggers an interview, and invite them to review your book. Or, volunteer to do a Q&A or write a guest post.



#4: Fill in the blank: To promote his picture book, “Bats at the Beach”, author Brian Lies transformed his car into a book signing Bat- Mobile. What unique tactics could work for your book?



 #3 Make it easy: Whenever you contact anyone, attach: 1) A JPEG image of the book cover. 2) Your credit info (like this: Article by Ann D. Koffsky)



#2 Look at your inbox: What organizations are contacting you? Anyone who is contacting you can be contacted back—tell them you wrote a book!



#1 Giveaways: Folks like free stuff! Run an online raffle on facebook. Or, if you don’t want to run it yourself, donate a copy of a book to a worthy organization and let them use it as a prize for their own raffle.



Don’t forget to follow Behrman House on facebook at