FJJ, week 5

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FJJ, week 4

fjj 6 1 A fjj 6 1 B fjj 6 1 C

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FJJ: Week 3

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FJJ: week 2

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fjj 5 19

Flatbush Jewish Journal: the letters, week 1

I have collected the dialogue that has been going back and forth in the letters column about Women and pictures in the Flatbush Journal.

(Please note that the articles appear small on screen, but if you click on them they should open larger so you can read them.)

It started with the FJJ reprinting my article that I had published for Jewish Action article as a letter in their 5/12 issue:

fjj 512 firstfjj 512 B

Flowers for Shavuot

Add color to this graphic image, and you’ll have vivid flowers for Shavuot! Just click on the image, print and color.

Chag Sameach!flowersspringblack


(and here it is as a pdf: flowersspringblack)

Frogs in the Bed Coloring page

Frog’s were EVERYWHERE!

frogseverywhere frogseverywherefrogseverywherecolorpagebathbhJust click on the image below and print to have some frogs in your home, too.


(And here it is if you need it as a JPEG: frogs everywhere)






Of course, if you want more frog related Passover fun, check out Frogs in the Bed!



Esther P. wins!

Congratulations to Esther P. for winning the “Who knows 2?” Passover book raffle.
Happy Pesach to everyone!



Who knows two? GIVEAWAY!

Who knows Two? I know two! TWO are the tablets that Moses brought.

AND….Two are the books that are being given away in my latest GIVEAWAY!

Wanna win? To enter, just add any Passover related comment below. You can list your favorite Passover food, or, if you’d like to take the time to share a fun-for kids Passover idea, I’d love to hear about them.

Good luck!



Purim Megillah coloring page

This coloring page has a twist: Invite kids to  add their own picture of the Esther story into the center! purim megillah
Just click on the image and print. (And if you need it as a pdf, click here: purim megillah)


(PS: If your kids do make some megillah art–feel free to  email it over to to share it with me! I would LOVE to see their creations–and of course I will share it here in my blog, too!)